Benjamin Bramma

Benjamin has been involved in art all of his life due to family connections. He has developed a passion for working with mild steel creating 3D metal sculptures, inspired by the wildlife in and around the Lincolnshire Fens where he lives.

He endeavours to capture the movement and character of his subject in its natural environment, conveying a liveliness and individuality in each sculpture.

As his sculptures weather and age through the seasons, they are enhanced to create a golden - brown rust patina to the final finish, which sits naturally in any setting.

Benjamin is able to create one off sculptures so please feel free to contact him directly with any ideas or special requests.

The creative process starts with the subject of the design.  British wildlife has long held a fascination for Ben.  Using photographs and anatomical drawings he will draft sketches which will eventually be translated to full size and drawn on a board within the workshop.  Lengths of steel are then cut, allowing the scuplture to slowly take form.  Each piece is cut, bent and welded by hand.  Many small adjustments are made as the sculpture is slowly bent and welded into place.  Ben is unusual in his depth and accuracy whilst using 3D design which makes creating a sculpture more difficult than a traditional 2D one.